Sound Control


     Peace and Productivity through Soundscape and Noise Control

Designed For You

Optimize Your Soundscape in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Understanding

Curious of your circumstances, Parseval researches, asks, inspects, and discovers. Our vision is married with your definition of success.

2. Mod-Sim

We model and simulate your acoustical environment in three dimensions. This allows our designs to make the most impact.

3. Soundscape Engineering

We optimize your design for Peace, Privacy, and Productivity. This compounds from multipurpose sound systems to waterfalls, wallplants, and other functional art.

4. Project Management

Procurement,  construction, and commissioning, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the solution.


Our purpose at Parseval is to replace
 in beautiful buildings with Peaceful and Productive soundscapes.

Best Practices Guarantee

All our work is backed by our Best Practices Guarantee:
If you believe our services could have been more effective, within your budget, we’ll perform the services for




Our Story 

We had the Same Problem as You

There Was No Good Fix

We invest 10,000 hours/yr optimizing new solutions

Now Giving Peace and Productivity to Society

“When Nurses First Staffing started to scale, Parseval was there with acoustically minded room layouts, custom desk partitions, and intelligent sound masking designs that improved the environment in our offices, enhancing our bottom line.” Alvin Cortez

Founder, Nurses First Staffing

Case Study:

A medical staffing firm needed to get the most of a limited space. We were asked to reduce noise and improve the experience of their recruiters as well as recruits on the other end of the line. We engineered custom partitions and sound masking systems, shown. Together, we solved the top four issues plaguing open offices today and amplified what Harvard calls the top four critical factors to enjoying your workspace.


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