Soundscape and Noise Control


     Peace and Privacy through Sound


To replace noise pollution with Peace, Privacy, and Productivity through sound engineering.

Designed For You

Optimize Your Soundscape in 4 Easy Steps:

1. Strive for Understanding

Curious of your circumstances, Parseval researches, asks, inspects, and discovers. Our vision is married with your definition of success.

2. Model Your Space

To customize for your acoustical environment, we model and simulate it in 3D. This helps our engineers make the most impact.

3. Soundscape Engineering

We design your acoustical environment to optimize for Peace, Privacy, and Productivity. This ranges from multipurpose speaker systems and automated sound masking to plants, waterfalls, and functional art.

4. Project Management

We procure your system, then oversee experienced contractors who construct, install, and commission your new soundscape.

Parseval's Guarantee

Every job that we do is backed by our Best Practices or Bust Guarantee:
If you believe we could have done better, within your budget, we’ll make it right – for




“When Nurses First Staffing started to scale, Parseval was there with acoustically minded room layouts, custom desk partitions, and intelligent sound masking designs that improved the environment in our offices, enhancing our bottom line.” Alvin Cortez

Founder, Nurses First Staffing

Case Study:

A medical staffing firm needed the most out of their limited space. We were asked to reduce noise and improve the experience of their recruiters as well as recruits on the other end of the line. We engineered custom partitions and sound masking systems, shown. We were able to solve the top four issues plaguing open offices today AND create the top four critical factors to enjoying your workspace, according to Harvard.

Why did we create Parseval? 

We had the Same Problem as You

There Was No Good Fix

We were able to invent a New State of the Art

  Now Giving Back to Society, 2 Ears at a Time

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